Sunday, October 30, 2011

Legoland in Malaysia

The development of Legoland Malaysia in Iskandar Malaysia by IDR Resorts and Merlin Entertainments is gathering momentum for its grand opening in 2012. Legoland Malaysia is a theme park scheduled to open in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia with over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions.Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, president and chief executive officer of Iskandar Investment Group and chairman of IDR Resorts, said next year would be a significant year for Iskandar Investment with the launch of completed projects such as Legoland Malaysia under the company’s first phase of development in Iskandar Malaysia.

Legoland Malaysia layout will start out with the beginning the parks main entrance area with the traditionally main entrance Legoland sight. There will be a Big shop Legoland's largest store selling Lego products, toys, sets, DVDs, books and Legoland merchandise and other typical entrance area amenties. Imagiantion will be to the left of the Beginning in this of park will have Interactive lego games and lego building this includes Build and test a interactive lego building attraction where you build houses, cars, skyscrapers and etc. after building then you can test them out, Lego mindstorms a lego coumputer games and robotics attraction, Sky cruiser a aerial monorail ride where you control your vehicle by pedaling it around the track above the paths of Legoland Malaysia with incredible views of the city outside Legoland complex and the park, Kid power towers a zierrer junior drop tower ride where you propel your vehicle seat upward to top of tower and then let go of your vehicle seat rope and that drops you down the tower, Lego duplo playrooms a interactive little kids area dedicated to kids 2-6 where play with duplo legos and play in play areas and Other Imagination attractions, shops and dining. Castle hill is located in the back of the park the Lego Knights and princesses themed castle. Legoland Malaysia may feature some Singapore-related and Asia-related places.

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